Starcraft Review 2

With an everlasting map-making community and tons of hardcore players, the fun on Blizzard’s battlenet never dies!Just the other day I was playing a Starship Troopers style map where the objectives were to hold off swarms of enemy units…which was even more fun with real human beings at your side.The last thing I want to discuss is the map editor.It is extremely easy to use and offers many features for one to create the map of his or her dreams.So overall Starcraft Play value is very balanced and extremely entertaining.Overall Starcraft get’s my unqualified recommendation!The price is good too…20 bucks for the Battlechest…it include Starcraft, Brood War(the expansion), and guides for both games.SO GO NOW AND BUY Starcraft!

Graphics: Some people believe that the graphics suck, just because they’re old and 2D.Well let me tell you, first off they don’t suck, some of the landscapes are done very well along with the in-game unit effects.Sure it’s not super dazzling 3D graphics, but did you expect Starcraft to have that kind of 3D engine when it was created?…NO.Even if you don’t think that the graphics are all that great, they don’t really do anything anyway…like I said the real heart of the game is the actual gameplay.So don’t worry about the graphics, there just fine…and if you don’t believe me look at the back of the box!

Sound: The sound is another aspect of Starcraft that makes it an instant treasure.The effects in the game are great, even for it’s age.Each unit has it’s own unique voice done for it, and if you click on them enough you’ll get a funny surprise as well.The music is a little bland…which can be turned off so it doesn’t really matter.The voice overs for the cutscenes and in-game scenes are really well done.All in all the sound is great and really makes the game better.