Starcraft Review

Besides being one of the greatest RTS games to grace my hard drive, there is not much to say about this game.When it debuted in 98′, it became an instant classic.In Fact it set the standard for all modern RTS games.

With over 1000+ hours playing Starcraft, I have to say it still amazes me.Not with new technology,graphics, or a game engine, but with the mere fact that it never get’s old.

Gameplay: Like I said it’s everything one could expect from and RTS.There are 3 playable races to choose from: Terran,Protoss, and the disgusting insect like race…Zerg.As with most games in this genre, each race has it’s strengths,weaknesses, and special abilities.For example, the Terran’s air-lift most of their buildings to different locations.This gives them a unique advantage over the other two races and helps make a perfectly balanced combat system.The interface is easy to learn and use and the controls are that of any other strategy title.(mostly using the mouse)As for the actual gameplay, battles start as you would expect; build a base and small economic system up by harvesting resources, while at the same time managing your military.The AI is pretty smart and knows when to take the offensive position.This once again can also depend on the race of the AI…while the protoss will carefully build a solid war machine, the zerg will bombard your base with swarms of small melee units early in the game.The rest plays out as it would in any other RTS, mine the resources, build units and necessary buildings, and then as the battle progresses use extra resources to upgrade your units.

The campaign is very good as well, with many challenging missions that don’t stray from the story one bit. On that note: the story is surprisingly very good for an RTS, it really depicts the struggle between these three races very well and keeps the player wanting to know how everything plays out, the cutscenes are also nicely done as well.However as good as the single player mods are, the multiplayer is the real cream of Starcraft.